A new generation of cleaner, fresher and healthier air

Daikin’s new range of Air Purifiers with Streamer Technology

These air purifiers are designed to capture, suppress and break down pollutants such as mould, pollen, allergens, odours, formaldehyde, traffic pollution and dust. Adding to the list of benefits, the Daikin air purifier range is approved by the Sensitive Choice® New Zealand program.

7 Great features of our Daikin air purifiers

4 Layers of filtration

Features Prefilter, Deodorising Filter, High Efficiency Particulate filter and Daikin’s signature Streamer Technology.

Anti-pollen mode

By creating gentle air turbulence from fan speed modulation, pollen is trapped by the air filters before it settles.

Econo mode

Automatically switches between ‘Quiet’ & ‘Low’ operation mode to suit contamination levels. Ideal for sleeping hours.

Triple detection sensor

Dust, PM2.5 particles and odour levels are displayed on the top of unit for easy live monitoring.

Turbo mode

High power operation for quick removal of pollutants. Ideal for use when there is a sudden increase of occupants in the room.

Auto fan mode

Airflow is optimised to suit contamination levels detected from the sensors for efficient energy usage.

Ultra quiet operation

Whisper quiet operation with sound levels of as low as 19dBA (in Quiet Mode).

Daikin Air Purifier - MC40

System: Reverse Cycle
Airflow Rates: 240m3/h
Indoor Type: Floor Standing
Power Supply: 1 Phase: 220-240V, 50Hz

suitable for a room size up to 62m2


$700 inc delivery
Daikin Air Purifier
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Daikin Air Purifier - MC55

System: Reverse Cycle
Airflow Rates: 330m3/h
Indoor Type: Floor Standing
Power Supply: 1 Phase: 220-240V, 50Hz

suitable for a room size up to 82m2


$780 inc delivery
Daikin Air Purifier
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