Choosing a Heat Pump for Commercial Purposes

If you are running a business across the Papamoa, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga or Bay Of Plenty area, Hiko Air has some great solutions for keeping your customers – and your staff – comfortable, no matter what the weather. We have had a great summer here and as we move into the colder months it may be time to look at some smart ways you can best regulate the temperature of your commercial premises.

Heat Pumps Are Suitable for Every Space

Hiko Air have installation options which are suited to all different kinds of spaces, so whether you are servicing a hospitality business with one small room, or a multistorey office block, we can help you choose the right Daikin heat pump and air conditioning system for your space.

One of the factors you might like to take into account if you are ordering an installation in a smaller commercial space is whether a floor unit or a wall unit is going to suit you the best.

Choosing The Right Unit

Choosing a floor heat pump unit for your small office or cafe can ensure a nice even distribution of heat. If you have a hospitality business, you may prefer a heat pump that sits at ground level as a wall unit could prove bothersome over tables where people are eating, as some people are quite sensitive to that type of airflow. For increased comfort for all your patrons, we can recommend the Daikin Split System Heat Pump PERFERA. This powerful unit is whisper quiet and it produces optimal convection by pushing hot air out from the bottom, ensuring a more even distribution as the heat rises into the room.

Boost And Clean

The PREFERA has a boost feature that means you can give the room a quick blast with the heat pump for 20 minutes before your clients and staff arrive in the morning, producing a temperate room that is a pleasure to walk into. This heat pump/air conditioning option sits discreetly against the wall, it’s unobtrusive, and it has the added bonus of powerful air purification with a fast electron discharge feature which destroys bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens at a much quicker than most conventional air filters. This makes your air more pure and safer to breathe – especially for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Whatever your needs, Hiko Air can sort out your commercial interior climate control with a fantastic Daikin Heat Pump or Air Conditioner. We are proud to serve Papamoa, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty region with Daikin installs – we only offer the best.

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