Daikin Air Purifiers and How They Benefit Your Health

Hiko Air in Papamoa, Tauranga is all about elevating your standard of living, you deserve the best at home, and we have so many great options for temperature control that will make you comfortable all year round. But what about air purification? There are lots of reasons to address the air quality in your Bay of Plenty home, so let’s look at a few now.

Pollen And Your Allergies

Allergies can be a nightmare to deal with, and until you have experienced what it’s like to be allergic to pollen you may not understand how debilitating this can be. You can take an antihistamine to alleviate your symptoms, but unfortunately, these can have some tedious side effects. You may deal with dryness, irritability, and brain fog if you are taking these on a regular basis – it’s not ideal. Hiko Air has the solution to getting a good night’s sleep without having to medicate yourself, it’s economical, and you are going to reap a bunch of great benefits.

Daikin Air Purifiers

Daikin is at the top of its game when it comes to Air Purifiers, and the new range that has Streamer Technology built-in offers a slew of benefits – including breaking down pollen. The way this works is your Daiken MC 40 or MC 55 Air Purifier quietly creates gentle turbulence which captures pollen from the air before it has a chance to settle in the room. This means the pollen is taken out of circulation, so it isn’t constantly swirling around causing havoc in your olfactory system. Hiko Air stocks these two Daikin Air Purifiers because we trust them – and not just to relieve your pollen allergy – you will be reaping all sorts of benefits when you run a Daikin at home.

But Wait, There’s More!

In addition to working towards relieving your pollen allergy symptoms, the Daiken MC 40 and MC 55 Air Purifiers also address pollutants like mould, carbon monoxide, dust and the formaldehyde that is leached out of your furnishings over time. Hiko Air reckons every home in the Bay of Plenty should have one of these Air Purifiers installed, and it’s especially beneficial for homes with inside pets, as the unit also works to neutralise odours as it cleanses the air.

Don’t suffer needless irritation from allergies at home, browse our Daikin Air Purifiers now. There is a bunch of great information about Flash Streamer technology and some really interesting Lab Testing results for you to have a look over right here on the website – start living your best life now!

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