Heat Pump Systems for Tiny Homes

The shift to Tiny Homes in New Zealand is gaining momentum. Young couples are saving up and building mortgage-free, and pensioners are selling up and enjoying a smaller space and a more significant bank balance! At Hiko Air, we fit pumps to all sorts of different domestic and commercial areas, and the units we sell could be just the ticket for your new downsized lifestyle. Whether you are going smaller to free up money to travel, or you just want to take up a little less space on the planet, it’s relatively easy to keep some essential luxuries while reducing your carbon footprint.

Comfort is Key

If you are building a Tiny Home, you will be looking at ways to maximise your space without compromising comfort. At Hiko Air, we are installing and servicing heat pumps and air conditioners across Papamoa, Tauranga and Mt Maunganui, and we have some great compact Daikin models that are suitable for smaller spaces. Having a warm, dry home is essential at any stage of life and heating your Tiny House will be as cheap as chips with a Daikin Heat Pump!

Maximising Your Tiny Space

When you need to make the most of your floor space, it makes sense to go for a wall-mounted Daikin. These top-of-the-heap Heat Pumps have Daikin’s split system, and they are approved by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ. This means your space will not just be warm, it will also be taken care of with the latest air purification and filtration technology. Daikin Heat Pumps include Flash Streamer Technology, they work hard to remove bacteria and viruses from the air in your home, and they reduce your exposure to allergens and harmful mould.

The Zena Vogue

The Daikin Heat Pump range has a great compact model that will come up aces in tiny homes. The Split System Heat Pump Zena Vogue is a small 85 x 85 mm in size and has a sleek design that is both modern and discreet. This model is a dream for smaller spaces as it is also super quiet – it operates at a barely audible level. The Zena Vogue also includes a Grid Eye Sensor system; this clever feature directs the heat to cold spots all by itself! The Zena is a stylish option for any home and comes in Hairline White or a sophisticated Black Wood option.

Clean Under the Hood

Whatever your space, Hiko Air has a Daikin solution that is going to enhance your lifestyle. Call us today to chat about how we can warm your tiny homes with a fantastic Daikin Heat Pump.

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