How to Choose a Heat Pump for Summer Comfort

When we talk about heat pumps, we don’t tell the whole story. It may seem like a crazy time to discuss heat pumps, but they are not just about heating! While it may get steaming hot across Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, and Tauranga, the winter will come eventually. At Hiko Electrical, we sell a fantastic range from Daikin that can make your long hot summer much more comfortable – and healthy.

Cool Air for Hot Summer Nights

Hiko Electrical is here for you across the long summer days and those hot summer nights. We all have those memories of childhoods spent in our holiday homes with no mosquito screens, baking at 1 AM, bed full of sand scratching your sunburn while the mozzies buzz around your head! Those days are still a reality for many Kiwis as we tend to just put up with these inconveniences in pursuit of those golden summer days. It’s time for a change!

Close The Window!

Hiko Electrical invites you to shake out your sheets, close the window and change your night with the click of a button. Imagine waking up feeling uncomfortable and switching on your Daikin Cora Heat Pump, feeling the cool breeze start up as it discreetly changes the temperature in the room to serve your comfort. Still hot? Hit the button for the ‘Powerful’ setting and drift back to sleep with 20 minutes of uber cooling that switches back down automatically.

Heat pump for summer comfort

Not Just Cool, Clean

Daikin Cora isn’t just here for the change you can feel. It’s also a powerful weapon against odours and bacteria. It works by utilising a Titanium air filter, trapping the particles that produce the odour and taking them out of circulation – it even works to keep the air free of nasty germs!

Lots of the heat pumps Hiko Electrical sells from the Daikin heat pump range include extra features, and this odour and bacteria function works to filter out cooking smells, your wet dog, the scent of a thousand sweaty teens, you name it!

If you love your lifestyle in Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, or Tauranga but are still grinning and bearing it when the heat hits, give yourself a break, put down the number 8 wire, and enjoy the luxury you deserve with a Hiko Electrical Heat Pump.

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