Daikin Perfera

Split System Heat Pump

Elegantly designed floor standing heat pump that is whisper quiet, energy-efficient and provides fresh air quality in your home, leaving your air safe to breathe.

Daikin PERFERA Split System Heat Pump

Heavy Duty Purification

Daikin's flash streamer technology offers heavy duty air purification. The high speed electron discharge destroys bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens at a much higher speed than most conventional air filters, leaving your air safe to breathe

Powerful Operation

Push the POWERFUL button on the remote control and you’ll be relieved with a cooling or heating boost for a 20 minute period, even if the unit’s already operating at high capacity.

Program Dry Function

Besides reducing humidity, this function automatically controls temperature and airflow rate and will cleverly switch into cooling mode if the room temperature rises too much.

Dual Airflow

Thanks to the high technology turbo fan design, Perfera Floor presents dual airflow which is unique in the market. Best for comfort!

Heat Plus

Provides 30 minutes cosy heating by simulating radiant heat.

Floor Warming

Optimises convection by distributing hot air from the bottom of the unit.

Heat Boost

Quickly heats up your home when starting up your air conditioner. Set temperature is reached 14%* faster than a regular air conditioner. (*Heat Boost test condition: 50 class, outdoor temperature 2ºC, indoor temperature 10ºC, R/C setting: 23ºC).

Key Specifications

Available in - Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
Capacities - 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW
Refrigerant - R32‍